Portrait of Sidney Butler

These pages were created for for people wanting to learn Suzuki Harp Book 1 by ear, but who already know how to read music.

If they are children who have parents working with them, simply have the parent withhold the book. The student learns the notes by listening to the recordings, and the parent helps them with the fingerings.

If, however, they are adults, it's best if they only buy the recording, not the book. They can then learn the pieces from the recordings, and use these pages for the fingerings.

Right hand fingerings are above the staves, left hand fingerings are below. Placing marks are used at the beginning, and later to clarify any placings. If there are no placing marks, placing is usually used when it seems fairly obvious. A dot over the fingering means to "come off" or not to replace.

If fingerings are repeated for similar or repeated phrases, they are usually not written again.